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Chantal Custeau is a Canadian-born abstract artist whose creative journey is deeply intertwined with her passion for design and her constant pursuit of enhancing her surroundings.

Driven by design in her daily life, she is perpetually inspired to elevate her space and environment, a philosophy that seamlessly translates into her artistic endeavours.

Her unique style is characterized by a minimalist approach that embraces the imperfections and transience of Wabi Sabi aesthetics. Chantal, a self-taught visual artist, approaches her craft with a deliberate intention, meticulously curating elements of texture by thoughtfully selecting organic fibers and natural pigments.

Her personal artistic style is diverse, ranging from muted neutrals and subtle monochromatic artwork to bold and contrasting designs. Chantal Custeau's work is a testament to her dedication to the interplay of design and aesthetics, inviting viewers to explore the harmonious balance between simplicity and complexity in the world of abstract art.

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